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Costa Rica Curated Living
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Aimée Uriarte


Costa Rica Curated Living brings together magical places and the people that are meant for them. Born and raised in Costa Rica, Aimée Uriarte, is the founder of this exclusive project. Our curated portfolio features tropical luxury homes in beautiful Costa Rica.


 Aimée’s expertise in the country, its people and  luxury living, is what makes her a trustworthy resource for a turnkey & secure home buying experience.

Costa Rica Curated Living

Full Access

The members of our network will have access to the finest Costa Rica homes from the most experienced developers & real estate companies.

Our curated professionals are best of the best in their fields and are committed to exceed your expectations in making your Costa Rica dream life come true.

Exclusive access to the best properties, developers, builders,  architects, interior designers, legal teams & more...


guided by Aimée’s knowledge and passion for a country that will embrace you in many ways and has everything you need to be the destiny of your best life .

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