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Throughout her life, Aimée Uriarte  has built solid relationships with individuals that have become some of the main professionals in Costa Rica in the different areas that are key components to any luxury real estate opportunity .

Being the beach lover that she is, Aimée lived different seasons of her life in both Guanacaste and Puntarenas, and passionate as she is about her country, she has fully explored its diversity. From enjoying breathtaking sunsets in a peaceful mountain top  or from the deck of some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful hotels and restaurants, to surfing, doing yoga, watching Baula turtles hatch their eggs in the beach and many other miracles of nature.  All these different, cultivating outdoor adventures as well as sharing special moments with different local communities have broadened the myriad of people she has met and made connections with.

The only other place that Aimée has called home is Miami.  For several years, she was part of a family owned real estate business directly working with title services, real estate services and the principal mortgage broker. This experience allowed her to fully understand all aspects of real estate transactions.  In 2008, Aimée and her family decided to move back to Costa Rica where she made a career change when she encountered the opportunity of representing luxury furniture brands for a Design Center.

In 2014, she co-founded Haussmark, which was the first high end furniture store in Costa Rica with world renowned brands.  Haussmark has given Aimée the opportunity to work with some of the best developers, architects, builders, interior designers, engineers, craftsmen, and artists, which has allowed her to pair the real estate and luxury lifestyle expertise to curate the best combination of properties and professionals that will grant the highest quality of luxury living experience in Costa Rica.  This portfolio has been carefully hand picked and will be updated with only the best opportunities for our members.

Costa Rica Curated Living


At Costa Rica Curated Living, our goal is to provide enough options within an exclusive selection of only the best in and for the true Costa Rican luxury living experience. Exceed our members expectations, keep them safe, well informed and advised throughout the entire process of turning their dream life into reality.

Feel the magic world of luxury curated living in Costa Rica 

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