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A unique collection of four private Casa Chameleon homes, perched on the hilltops of Las Catalinas.

Exemplifying the best of elevated resort living, Casa Chameleon’s brand-new villas offer the opportunity to own a piece of one of the world’s most sought- after New Towns.

With car-free, walkable streets, breathtaking nature and a welcoming atmosphere, the town of Las Catalinas embodies an artful, holistic approach to living. It’s authentic and simple, the perfect reflection of Pura Vida – the feeling one can only find within
the tropical greens and turquoise waves of Costa Rica. Built upon the same philosophy, Casa Chameleon instantly felt at home in Las Catalinas, and rather than an extension, our private villas and luxury residences became a core part to the town’s ever-growing heritage.

Asking Price: Upon Request

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Designed in harmony with their spectacular surroundings, Casa Chameleon’s brand-new residences invite globetrotters to feel truly at home in Costa Rica.

Each private Casa Chameleon home presents an idyllic oasis of calm, complimenting the conscious, yet free-spirited way of living Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas is known for. We are raising the bar of luxury with state-of-the-art design details, all whilst remaining closely connected to nature to evoke a sense of belonging. The homes serve as a beautiful reminder

of Costa Rica’s story, and most importantly, provide the space and freedom for residents to join the journey and make that story their very own.

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