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Místico is a Luxury Real Estate & Lifestyle Experience that incorporates biodiversity; sustainability; art & culture; technology; hospitality and services like no other private community grants on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.


An abundance of biodiversity makes Místico an extension of the existing biological corridors throughout the community. 


Místico is conveniently located just 90 minutes from the city of San José, providing seamless accessibility to health and general services including shopping, fine dining, airport and to easily move around whether commuting or visiting other destinations along the coast.


790 acres of land with over 2000 feet of titled beachfront allocating an incredible 50% of the entire project to conservation and about
400 acres of real estate development divided into 7 areas, each offering a unique mix of real estate; hospitality; experiences and commercial opportunities.  The Central Pacific of Costa Rica is unique for its year-round lush rainforests, as well as the extraordinary experience of living next to one of the world’s largest protected turtle reserves.

Pricing Upon Request

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